Guster has now become one of a handful of bands that I think of by its members’ first names. Bands typically reach this status after I have seen them at least three times. Guster managed it in two shows. The first was at Lebanon Opera House one year ago this week. Danceable grooves brimming with warmth, humor, and singalong choruses; a welcoming vibe both to newcomers and longtime fans; a perfect fit for LOH.

The second show was last weekend in Boston at MGM Music Hall, a newish venue next to Fenway Park, and was the final performance of their “We Also Have Eras” tour. (Click here if you get the joke.) They recapped a career dating back to their early 1990s roots at Tufts University, where the OGs (Original Guster) – Adam, Ryan, and Brian (no relation) – first met and decided to start a band. They recreated their first jam sessions in a dorm room (they even have a poster of Peter, Ace, Paul and Gene on their wall). Pretty much a T-stop away from their earliest gigs, the performance was a homecoming.

We all know Ryan, the goofball lead singer and host of the party. Brian, who would like to be known as Thunder God but can’t make it stick, mostly plays the drums with his bare hands and the drums usually give up before he does. Adam is sincere, quietly delighted, and sneaky good looking. Luke did a nice acting job in a couple of skits in the role of Joe, Guster’s Swiss Army Knife instrumentalist from 2003 to 2010 who was succeeded by Luke. Dave was the narrator, occasional drummer and keyboardist, and has a fabulous beard.

Once a band reaches first name status for me, every show I go to is like hanging out with old friends. In the past year I’ve checked in with Chris, Tom, and Bill. Murph, J, and Lou. Louie, David, Cesar, Conrad, and Steve. Sure, they are old friends who have not actually met me, but we still have a great time whenever we get together.