Last week we had the pleasure of hosting these three incredible musicians who are not only female educators of color but mothers, artists, and are redefining the world of ‘classical music’. Between teaching, The String Queens tour the country bringing unique transformative arts experiences to communities and educational moments to youth and professional musicians.

We had the honor of The String Queens spending a full week in the Upper Valley in residency at LOH. This residency included rehearsals with Upper Valley Music Center (UVMC) students, a performance at an independent living center in Lebanon – The Woodlands, an educational workshop for UVMC faculty, and two performances on the LOH stage.

“The String Queens have reinvented string trio music in a way that is palpable and other worldly. Their innovative transcription of anthems, jazz and pop is truly masterful. Their fervor and passion to teach younger musicians to keep this style of music alive is compelling and hopeful!”

– Kristen Coats, LOH Community Engagement Associate

“I thought The String Queens were really incredible. Their passion for the music was palpable and clear in their movement, and they were so good with the kids. It was exciting to see them work with the kids from the stage, pointing out the different beats they were using and having them join in by clapping. They were so engaging and I couldn’t take my eyes off of them. They are clearly professionals in all of their fields and it was a gift and an honor to have witnessed their performance.”

– Molly Elsasser, LOH Patron Services and Event Manager

The performances were filled with amazing moments of musicality and expression. When asked about their art The String Queens all had something to share.

“We make up our own rules. And number one is you have to feel the music however you express it, you feel it and you move to it.”

– Elise

“And so they’re musical moments of passion and intensity and all of that that are rehearsed, but there are also some that are spontaneous and that’s we really come alive and have the most fun. But it’s from the practice and the recordings and all those things when we listen back that we can say, “Hey, we can have a lot of freedom and flexibility with musicality in these places because we’re so well-prepared on the front end.”

– Dawn

“We just leaned into our confidence, our technique, what we already know, and really listening. I really feel that listening is how we’re able to innovate.”

– Kendall

It was a truly amazing experience watching The String Queens perform. If you joined us for any part of the residency last week, please feel free to share your experience by emailing we’d love to hear about your favorite moment with The String Queens.