If the Upper Valley is to have heart, it must also have art.
One cannot exist without the other.

Art brings emotion. Art creates excitement.
Art is what helps us and what heals us.
Art is love, the ultimate expression of the human condition.

At Lebanon Opera House, art comes alive on our stage.
As performers sing, and dance, and tell stories, and crack jokes,
art fills the heart of our community and replenishes the soul of our audience.

LOH is the lifeblood of the Upper Valley,
and each beat of its heart is an opportunity for a new person
to find others who feel that same passion and connection.

Art and Soul are precious resources,
sustained by the creativity of our performers,
the hard work of our staff and volunteers,
and the hard-earned dollars of our supporters.

When they all come together, art and soul flow forth from our stages,
through our aisles, out of our doors, down the streets,
and into every heart in the Upper Valley.

We wield the transformative power of the arts to inspire and unite our community.

LOH is the source of inspiration in the Upper Valley. While touring acts may get the headlines, that’s just scratching the surface of the creativity that takes place here. Between all those big names on the schedule is a whole community’s worth of live performances, all of which foster an artistic lifeforce and countless shared experiences between the Opera House’s performers and audiences.

LOH is inspiring. It’s brave. It’s heartening. It’s the best of performing arts – local, national, and everything in between. More importantly, all of those things combine to make our community a stronger, more entertaining, and more inclusive place to live. Take equal parts heart and art, and combine it with some creative soul, and there you have Lebanon Opera House.

As a cultural center for the Upper Valley region, we:

  • present live performances that inspire, educate and entertain,
  • broaden cultural horizons by spotlighting a diversity of local, national, and international artists,
  • encourage community participation in the arts, and
  • steward a special gathering place for community and school use that will engender future arts patrons and participants.