LOH Diversity, Equity, Accessibility, and Inclusion

Values Statement

We are an organization focused on the value of building an inclusive community through the arts and education. At LOH, we spotlight diverse local, national, and international artists, and in doing so, we learn and grow together. This work aligns with our mission to serve as a catalyst for connections between artists and audiences, making it possible for all members of our community—regardless of age, ability, race, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, or economic standing—to experience the transformative power of the performing arts. By embracing diversity, equity, accessibility, and inclusion, we strengthen our community and ourselves.


Happy International Pronouns Day

Lebanon Opera House has invited staff and board members to voluntarily use their pronouns on identifying name tags and, as applicable, in email signatures. We feel this step helps support individuals who do not conform to society’s expectations of gender and the gender binary. Having visible pronouns helps to open up new pathways of communication … Continued

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LOH has a Diversity Council!

The performing arts have always welcomed difference, even in the wide range of disciplines housed under the term. Music, dance, drama, and film are all conduits of transcendence, experiences beyond the bounds of our normal, everyday lives. Likewise, LOH’s mission has always been to channel transcendent moments through the performing arts, while offering diverse programming … Continued

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LOH works to provide an accessible space for all and currently offers accessible seating, gendered and gender-neutral bathroom options, and hearing and visual aids.

Please visit our Accessibility page for more information.

Programming at LOH


A reflection on Alash: On April 6, 2022 over 600 people, both returning and new to LOH came together for an educational performance by Alash. Alash, masters of Tuvan throat singing, presented a free one-hour performance which included an introduction by Dr. Theodore Levin, Professor of Music at Dartmouth College. Trained since childhood, the members … Continued

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Lebanon Opera House’s Diversity Council was originally formed in 2021 in response to the ever-present need for equal access arts opportunities and programming. The current council consists of 10 LOH staff and board members.

Let us hear from you

Feedback and communication from and with our community are essential to the mission of Lebanon Opera House’s Diversity Council. Let us know about events you love, what you want to see, constructive criticism, and how we can keep growing and creating a diverse and respectful arts-based community.