by Joe Clifford

On March 4, more than 600 members of our community gathered for a homecoming of sorts for drag superstar Sasha Velour.

Velour, a 2013 graduate of the Center for Cartoon Studies, noted from our stage that the two years she spent living in White River Junction changed her life. In fact, it was the people of that Upper Valley town who encouraged her authentic self-expression and supported Sasha’s first-ever drag show. And, on Monday, she returned “home” after being crowned by RuPaul (Sasha won season nine of Drag Race) and becoming a New Yorker cover model – in illustrated form, naturally.

Touring in support of her book, The Big Reveal: An Illustrated Manifesto of Drag, Sasha’s new live show is a companion piece that expertly delivers on the promise of this skilled theater artist and provocateur. It’s part autobiography and part queer history lesson. It’s a comedy show and a glammed-up lip-sync extravaganza. It’s a true theatrical experience that’s all about love and acceptance; a far cry from the sensationalist headlines that claim drag is polluting our society.

The assembled (often glittery) patrons who witnessed Sasha’s big reveals at LOH agreed:

“[She] took us all by surprise [with] how poignant, educational, and wildly entertaining their performance was. Everyone I have talked to felt it greatly exceeded expectations, and more than one person said the show brought them to tears it was so touching. Several people, including myself, felt it was the best live performance they had ever seen. I for one am so proud Adimab had a role in sponsoring this performance.”

– Amber from Adimab, an LOH Corporate Partner and co-sponsor of The Big Reveal Live Show!

This performance kicked off what looks to be LOH’s most transformative Pride season. With four more LGBTQIA+ community-focused events on the horizon, we are doubling down on our commitment to queer and trans folx by creating safe, supportive, and affirming spaces through the arts. Learn more about LOH Pride 2024.