As we celebrate our centennial in 2024, we stand on the cusp of an extraordinary journey and a visionary step forward. The LOH@100 Campaign, with a goal of raising $4.2 million, is more than an investment in bricks and mortar. It’s a renewed commitment to our mission to connect artists with audiences and provide all members of our community with access to the transformative power of the performing arts. Your support ensures that our next century will be as vibrant and inspiring as our last.

For many stars of a certain age, a little cosmetic work is good for the career – and our beloved LOH was no exception. Since our previous significant renovation more than 20 years ago, we’ve hosted thousands of performances and welcomed more than half a million patrons. To say the facility was “well loved” was an understatement.

Now that the dust has settled, we celebrate the beauty of our newly renovated theater, lobby, and artist-support spaces. We hope you’ll find LOH to be light, bright, comfortable, and welcoming for years to come.

With our renovations now complete, the LOH@100 Campaign pivots to the creation of our LOH on Location Mobile Unit and an operational runway. Information about how you can support these initiatives is on the inside back cover of this playbill. You can also participate in our LOH@100 Seat Campaign; see details, click HERE.

Notes on Our New Look

“The new interior design recalls the early days of the Opera House, while creating a new and vibrant energy to match what’s on the stage.

“Geometric designs, deep jewel tones, and gold accents are infused throughout the space. The large-scale symmetrical checkerboard pattern in the lobby flooring evokes the 1920s and provides a visually pleasing guide toward the theater. The use of simplified geometric patterns in the flooring, ceiling treatments, and wall coverings creates a balance between vintage and modern aesthetics.

“The design maintains a connection to the 1920s and creates a contemporary and approachable feel for a wide range of guests. The light fixtures, with bent metalwork in the shape of tree branches and frosted glass orbs, add a touch of whimsy and enchantment. Finally, the custom pattern for the theater arches, developed by Methodikal, features abstractions of Lebanon iconography and serves as a beautiful representation of the Opera House’s connection to the local community.”

— Genella McDonald, President Stibler Associates Interior Design