LOH extends an invitation to under served youth, adults and families to participate in the artistic and cultural continuum of our community. We are extending this invitation because we believe everyone in our community should have access to the social capital and transformative experiences made possible through the performing arts. In partnership with Upper Valley social service organizations, and with the support of the program’s sponsors, we are working to remove the barriers preventing people from joining us.

The primary focus of the program is to reduce cost of tickets because we believe that the theater should be accessible regardless of economic standing or the ability to pay. The program also seeks to reduce or eliminate other barriers, including transportation, social isolation and health. We administer the program in partnership with social service organizations because we believe they are best suited to identify those who are in greatest need of our support and who will benefit the most from participating. In concert with our Open Invitation partners, we are continuously evaluating the impact of the program.

Open Invitation is made possible with the support of individuals in our community, performers and other organizations who share these values. The pilot program for 2017-2018 was made possible through the generous support of Kevin and Punam Keller.


After a few years on hiatus, LOH is reintroducing Open Invitation. As part of a fresh start, and to help ensure we best respond to today’s needs, the program is coming back this year as a pilot. We have extended an open invitation to clients from three Upper Valley human service organizations:

Upper Valley Haven


Visions for Creative Housing Solutions

If you work in a human or social service organization and are interested in receiving news and updates about this program, please contact Joe Clifford, Executive Director: jclifford@lebanonoperahouse.org