Monday, March 31, 10 AM


$8 students and chaperones

Taiko, the Japanese word for drum, has evolved to refer to the thunderous art form kumidaiko (ensemble drumming). This musical form began in Japan in the late 1950s and came to the US in the late 1960s. San Jose Taiko was founded in 1973 as only the third group to form outside of Japan.

The company has broadened and embellished this historical art form into a powerful performance style that blends the traditional rhythms of Japan with the beat of world rhythms. Their work is very physical and often described as “dancing with drums.”

Experience the choreography, musicality, and joyful spirit of Japanese culture with San Jose Taiko – LIVE at LOH!

Run time is 60 minutes and includes a Q&A session; recommended for grades K-6.

Sponsored in part by the Saul O Sidore Memorial Foundation.