Saturday, August 10, 3 PM



In the Bambara language of Mali, “Jeh Kulu” means “community” and that’s exactly what this group aims to build with audiences!

Founded in 1993, Jeh Kulu brings together people of all ages and backgrounds to honor the joyous traditions of West Africa through music and dance — to raise cultural awareness, create a sense of community, and have fun.

Jeh Kulu is comprised of 20+ talented artists who share traditional rhythms and dances from Guinea, Senegal, and Mali. Jeh Kulu features several well-known master artists from Guinea, and many highly trained American artists with extensive experience in the art form.

At Nexus, Jeh Kulu leads a dance workshop at 3 PM which is followed by a performance from the full ensemble at 4 PM.

These events are part of LOH’s FREE Nexus Music and Arts Festival. Location: Colburn Park (across from LOH/City Hall)