Saturday, October 5, 7:30 PM

After being performed at this summer’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Ghost Light receives its U.S. premiere at LOH! 

Hailing from Québec City, Machine de Cirque creates thrillingly original circus performances for audiences of all ages.

In Ghost Light, the curtain falls, and the theater is plunged into darkness – except for a lone light standing guard. It’s the fabled ghost light. The spirits that inhabit the space are drawn toward the light. As they recall the energy of a past life, they push each other around, push each other away, enjoy themselves, tear each other apart, only to fall into an embrace once again.

A symbol of partnership, the show’s central prop – a teeterboard – propels the acrobats toward each other in the euphoria of flight, the levity of weightlessness, and the inevitability of the fall.

Ghost Light makes visible what is invisible. The two beings lead us into a captivating performance that blends stunning acrobatic feats and fast-paced choreography with ethereal lighting and upbeat music.

Let yourself be moved by this story that touches the spirit beyond mere mortal words.