Sunday, August 15 5:30 PM

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Kat Wright—often described as “a young Bonnie Raitt meets Amy Winehouse”—possesses a voice that’s equal parts delicate and powerful. Add to that voice enough stage presence to tame lions, and the combination proves immediately enchanting. There’s soul flowing in and out of her music; it’s funky in spots and beautiful all over. And it hurts a little…like it should.

In response to the limitations of the pandemic, Kat and two members of her octet (guitarist Bob Wagner and bassist Josh Weinstein) leaned into a trio formation that showcases their folky/rootsy selves: “All stripped down…a triangulation of our strengths,” says Kat. “Our bareness, our imperfect humanness, our voices, our ferocious tenderness, our love of songs and singing and story.”