Sunday, March 12, 4 pm

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A unique opportunity to hear this epic music performed by accomplished Wagnerians!

Derrick Ballads, bass-baritone
Meredith Bloomfield, soprano
Peter Furlong, Heldentenor
Kathryn Southworth Lundahl, piano

With Gods, Myths, and Some Marvelous Legends, the Berlin Wagner Group (BWG) presents a semi-staged introduction to Richard Wagner’s music including the epic Ring Cycle (Der Ring des Nibelungen). BWG is dedicated to breaking down barriers to give audiences unique opportunities to hear and engage with Wagner’s operas in intimate settings.

In the first half of this program, BWG takes a lighthearted look at the many ways in which the mythology and musical motifs of this influential opera composer have permeated pop culture…from Looney Tunes and Lord of the Rings to Apocalypse Now and Avengers.

For the second half, the musicians will perform selected works in an acoustic setting exploring the full depth of sound within the human voice and presenting Wagner’s music as tradition demands.

Runtime is two hours.


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