We’re reopening!

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  • December 20: The Green Room ceiling tiles have been installed and we are now ordering furniture for our artist support spaces. The Box Office continues to transform before our eyes with new wood molding around the wide service window. Carpet is being added to the staircases and adds a lush feeling to our lobby. The largest portions of construction are slated to be wrapped up by the time our team returns from winter break and we’re so excited to reopen in February.
  • December 14: Carpet has begun to be added to the balcony level and is finished on the orchestra level of the theater. With the new blue room treatment, the carpet creates a warm welcome into our performance space. Custom lighting has been installed creating a modern and whimsical brightening of the theater. In the lobby, painting continues whereas the grouting work is complete and the box office construction is moving quickly with new trim being installed around the service window. The green room and artist support spaces are looking transformed with new floors, ceiling panels, paint, cabinetry, and furniture being picked out and ordered.
  • December 8: The tile floor in the lobby is complete with the grout having finished drying today. Massive changes continue to sweep through all areas with new green wall paint being added to the back of the lobby stairwell, custom light fixtures being added to the theater, and wood finish flooring in the greenroom. Throughout this process, our construction company has been here working diligently and tirelessly to maintain our tight timeline and ensure that we’ll be in shape to reopen and share our newly renovated home with you early next year!
  • December 1: Tiles continue to be added to the lobby creating a fascinating pattern as you enter the open expanse. New chandeliers and light fixtures have arrived and are being prepared for installation. Meanwhile, scaffolding has been added outside the theater doors to prepare for the installation of new ceiling panels.
  • November 21: After the concrete was allowed to set, new tile arrived in the lobby outlining the final look and feel of our space. In the theater, electrical work has begun in preparation for aisle lighting and seat installment in the new year. The artist’s entryway is also seeing an update as new wall colors have been chosen and the railings have been painted a sleek black helping transform the experience of our performing artists from the moment they enter LOH’s door.
  • November 17: Noticeable progress continues in the lobby, where the box office service window has been framed and a second layer of concrete has been poured for the flooring. Backstage, the cabinets have been installed – the beginning of a visible transformation of the Green Room into a welcoming space for artists.
  • November 6: The theater ceiling has been painted a beautiful midnight blue and our “dance floor” scaffolding has been removed. New cabinets are ready for installation in the backstage Green Room and out front in the lobby, a Box Office wall is a thing of the past.
  • October 23: Construction in the lobby begins
  • October 15: Union Leader publishes two articles about the renovation
  • September 18: Scaffolding is erected inside the theater and the team gets busy applying a fresh coat – in new colors – of paint to all walls
  • August 30: Demolition in the green room and other support areas kicks off
  • August 15: Construction crews commence demolition work – all seats are removed from the theater
  • August 9: LOH staff and board hosted a Final Bow (For Now) Open House. The event provided an opportunity for patrons, donors, neighbors, and community members to enjoy one last walk-through of the theater prior to the renovations that are designed to transform the LOH experience.